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Hi everyone

Been a while since I posted here but I wanted to share some new courses I plan to teach this spring.

As many of you know I am working at Peace Energy Cooperative as a Solar Designer (I design and build Solar PV systems for Residential, Business and Farms/Ranches. I work with some great projects but I am contracting and still work with other clients and projects.

I used to teach all over the province and at different training centres on everything from Home Based Business, Technology, Adobe products and many other types of software. And to be honest, I miss the teaching. So time to get back into it.

* I want to mention that I don’t travel as much given my vision issues ( no Driver License anymore) but I can still see and I want to share my past and current experiences as I KNOW they will help others.

Here Are Some potential Course Titles/Themes:

  • Ipad Course (beginners, advanced and then specialty courses (learning to paint digitally)
  • Marketing for Small Business & Home Business (including Social Media)
  • Using Technology in your Small Business ( Phones / iPads and more! )
  • Secrets to Award Winning Customer Service using Technology
  • New Technologies (Podcasting, Digital Publishing, Video Editing) part of my “How I do it!” series
  • Search Engine Secrets (Basic to Intermediate tricks to improving your website listings)

** Q and A after classes

So why would you take a class with me? Besides having fun, at a fair price, I want to take my 30 years of experience online and training and share it with others. But in addition to having a great course, I will also off the following:

Value Add for Course Attendees

  • Easy to Pay ( Visa & MasterCard, PayPal, eTransfer, Cash)
  • For some courses, the price will include 30 min session of my time helping their business
  • Access coaching programs (extra fee may apply)
  • Access to online private Students Area – Post questions, Free downloads, small business tips.
  • Private Email List / Newsletter – My best tips and techniques
  • Tim’s Coffee / Donuts at presentations


The pricing for courses really depends on 3 things:

Location and cost to rent facility / room
Number of people per class
Extras provided after the class

Most people are willing to pay $15 to $45 per hr for a class depending on what is offered. There is lots of training available online and at training centres / colleges etc. But typically you go, attend the training and thats it. I always prefer to say, “Okay, here is the 2-3 hr course, but I want to offer you something extra.” So imagine going to a course for 2-3 hrs and then when you leave you get:

  • Access to Extra training, links, advice only provided to my students. Advice that only my clients in the past have got, paying $50-$95 hr for.
  • Access to a password protected area on a website that only students get access to At no cost beyond being a student.
  • Access to my experience and time via Video chat or email. Advice specific to your business or personal needs.
  • Access to links of great information. My personal recommendations that I love.
  • Access to actual software, apps and hardware that I use and VERY creative, innovative techniques that you will simply not find elseware. Over 30 years of experience, no BS or Hype, just raw advice and the straight goods. (Hey, this does sound like hype, I get it. But let me prove to you ( at no cost) techniques that I have used and methods that can help you….for FREE.)

The Reality

Many people are reluctant to pay for training. Or very reluctant to pay a higher rate to get the extras or access to my time. But I don’t want 1000 people paying for my classes (initially). I want to teach and share with a small group to fine tune my presentation. And then down the road I might go big.

The reality is I am 55, have about 35-45% of my vision left (I am totally blind now in my right eye due to a stroke) and don’t expect to work more than 8-10 years more before I retire. Maybe less. But I do want to share, I want to be different and provide courses that can make a difference.

So you might be asking…”Gordon, why now? What’s the motivation?” Its actually quite simple. And I am going to be brutally honest with everyone. Its almost March 1, 2018. 6 years ago, I had a car accident. I bounced back. Then I had a stroke, losing some vision, balance and memory (short term). Bounced back and then 18 months ago, I had my 2nd stroke. Lost more vision but with lots of therapy and support friends and family I am back walking, losing weight and getting in shape. So as I move ahead with my life, I think, “Ya, I am good for a few more years.” But after the past 5 years, my loses his confidence but not my experience or value. So I want to be proactive and move ahead. Its time to share and help others. The money will come in time. But life goes by very quickly.

So what can you do?

Firstly, consider posting your comments on my Facebook page. Email me or message me if you are interested in taking some courses I offer. Don’t see a title of a course? Contact me and I will review it.

I will be reaching out and sharing my schedule and courses very soon. They will not be cheap, quicky BS courses. They will be courses that everyone wants to take but only a percentage will actually commit to. I expect that. I don’t want everyone….just those who are creative, innovative and serious. You will not be disappointed!

Best Regards,

Gordon Currie
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Ps. I know this post will sound “sales” oriented. Its not. Really! If you don’t wish to take courses or follow up, no biggie. My approach and my training is not for everyone. But I will be upfront and honest and will gladly discuss this training anytime. I am at Baked Cafe and will gladly meet you for coffee to discuss

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February 25th, 2018



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