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Art Update for Paintings and Prints

I wanted to update everyone on my current paintings as well as some prints I have available. I was also hoping to share some random updates on work and some new directions I am going. As many of my friends and family are aware, this past 6 months was a blur as I dealt with health issues and 4 operations. But I am back in the land of the living.


This past 2 months I have worked on a number of paintings, primarily Acrylics. My current paintings are on display at Baked Cafe on 103rd Ave, Dawson Creek. These include garden / flower paintings as well as some abstracts I created. I am also working on some sic-fi images I started a year or so ago and these will be released on my Facebook page as well as thru emails. Over the next 2-4 weeks, I will have a number of paintings completed with a Garden theme.

Workwise, since my 2nd stroke in the fall and my hospital stays in Dec / Jan, I have narrowed down the amount of web design I have been able to do. Chad at New Harvest has helped my clients as I had to travel a great deal in the past to Edmonton to see specialist doctors. Currently I am evaluating my options moving forward…with a focus on the following:

  • Continuing to paint both acrylics and watercolours. Ideally I would like to really ramp up my marketing and sell more originals and prints. For a few years, it was sore to sit down but I am now able to paint for longer periods and fin it relaxing and creative.
  • I am working part-time at Corlanes in the area of marketing but this is for limited hours.
  • Moving forward, I think what will work best for me is that I work on some smaller projects but have 4-5 different directions. So for example, I could work on Corlanes part-time, while still painting and taking on 2-3 more clients / projects. I have the skills and technical know how but I have to break my days up into 2-3 blocks in order to manage my diabetes and other health issues.


In terms of my artwork, I am also interested in teaching painting techniques, starting with Acrylics. My plan would then be to offer classes in watercolours as well. I have painted since 2002 and have learned a number of techniques relating to the actual painting methods but also the marketing of paintings. If anyone is interested in painting courses or training, please contact me at 250-784-8383 or email me at gcurrie@eldoren.com .

This past few days I went back and looked over my prints and realized that I have a number of prints that I created a couple of years ago from watercolours that I did. These were Giclee prints in a variety of sizes. These will be available and promoted over the next few weeks. Most of these are number prints that I have available and will be available at special prices.

Another direction I am going is to painting live on location (Dawson Creek Area). This could be outside on a street corner or it may be in a coffee shop ( I am approaching vendors this next week). That way folks interested in asking me questions could ask while I paint as well as witnessing some of my techniques.

Abstract Painting – Some of you will notice I am also painting abstract work. This indifferent from my regular painting but allows me to develop techniques, and explore new directions I have not done before. It doesn’t mean that I am giving up watercolours or acrylics / Gardens etc. I would like to create a few different works for myself and share with others who like this kind of work. If you are interested or collect these types of work, let me know. If you are looking for specific colors or abstract designs, I can certainly paint something special for you on a commission basis.


Japanese Gardens / Bonsai – I have had an interest in Bonsai and Japanese gardens for many years. I don’t work specifically with bonsai trees but I like their design and have wanted to paint a number of images based on Bonsai Designs. The same goes for Japanese themed gardens. So over the next few months, I will be working on a few acrylics with these themes.

Pricing of paintings / Sales of Paintings – Many of my friends and family know I have painted for a number of years but few know that most of my work has gone to the US collectors. I would love to sell more paintings locally but the reality is some clients prefer images of the Peace and Northern BC. Grain elevators, fields, agriculture etc is fun to paint, but locally there is more competition and more importantly I would rather paint a wider variety of topics. I grew up on the coast so so I have painted marina’s, waistcoats themes etc. Although I have never been to Europe, I love the artwork, the scenes from Italy / Tuscany, and architecture from around the world. I also enjoy castles and hope to paint more of those.


On the topic of pricing, I have been selling prints in the $75 – $195 range (11 x 15” roughly) and Acrylics from $300 – $1000 depending on the size. A typical painting might run $750 ( Original – No prints made) for a 24″ x 36” painting. I do not typically make prints of Acrylics. My costs typically run $200 for paint, canvases and take anywhere from 20 hours to 45-50 hrs. This doesn’t include marketing, commissions to partners/galleries (10-40%) and online promotional costs.

For some, spending $500 plus for a painting is expensive while others feel it fits within their budget. Most of my paintings over the years have gone up in value. I start a great investment? Thats a tough one to answer. I have paintings I have bought or bartered with other artists that are worth $3000-$4000 each. But I don’t plan to sell them and I like to keep certain pieces. If someone wants a painting, I may be able to lower the prices if I am able to sell prints of the painting. These are usually 80% the size of the original to keep the value up. Ask me about this and I can answer any questions you might have.

Did You Know? – I get questions daily about how I paint, products I use and techniques I have come across or developed. In addition to painting with brushes, I also use palette knives for many of my acrylics and in some cases have also used my fingers to paint. Sounds crazy, but certain textures that I have created where used with tools that don’t include a paintbrush.


Art Donations / Charitable Donations – I have in the past donated original paintings to specific causes locally as part of my giving back. At this time, my focus is on selling work as I was on sick leave for 6 months and not working. But coming up in the fall, I may consider a donation to a charity or fundraiser. If you have questions about this, please email me at gcurrie@eldoren.com

Who Buys My Art? – Over the years I have sold paintings and prints to a variety of people. But I have also sold work to Hospitals, Commercial Businesses, Art Collectors, Teachers, many others. Some of my work is displayed in businesses including Dentist / Doctors Offices, and Real Estate Offices.

Last Question….I often get asked how I start a painting or what involved. This varies for many artists but I typically will research a topic online and in magazines. I will review color palettes and start to research what paint colors will work. I also draw and sketch images on paper notebooks or on my iPad. In fact the iPad has really helped me assemble concepts. On average, I spend 4-10 hrs on a painting before I decide to lift the brush and paint. The size really depends on the theme and where it might hang. I have painted larger paintings this past few years as clients where asking for larger pieces for larger homes. The same for corporate offices, they tend to prefer larger paintings. I don’t paint too many Acrylics smaller than 16 x 24″ normally. That said, I have some 11 x 15” acrylic canvas boards that I plan to paint this summer.

Well thats my update today! Let me know what you think! And feel free to SHARE this post and link on Facebook!


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April 7th, 2016



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