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Social Media Manager Questions and Answers

These past few weeks I launched a number of new service to small to medium business that has taken off and become very popular. But at the same time, these services generated a lot of really great questions. I want to share some of those questions and answers in this blog post today!

Quick review – I now manage Social Media Campaigns for business for a small monthly fee. It starts as low as $300 and usually runs around 3 months or longer.

Questions this past week include “Why wouldn’t I do it myself?” Great question! The main two reasons are YOUR TIME and EXPERIENCE. Most companies don’t have the time needed to post, gather content, schedule time release messages or spend quality time on the promotions. Social Media can be a HUGE time suck if you are not watching the clock. Most employees tasked with this duty use social media personally but don’t always understand how posts have to be managed to generate business results. Business owners typically need to see results and also understand what works.

Experience with Social Media is a must – I have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours working with clients and have learned what works and what does not. Knowing what can generate a great brand and get your business attention is critical. Many will invest a great deal of people resources and not see results. I have also learned what phrases work best, what images work well and generally what will generate income and long-term client value.

Another question that came to mind was “How do you know when to post?” That’s a great question as there are certain days of the week to post and more importantly certain “times” when to post. In addition to the timing of posts, the order in what you post and the types of posts are critical. For instance, you might find that you get a 20% response to a post more if you precede that post with a question or a educational item.

Another awesome question was “What should I post on Facebook and when/where should that information be posted on my website or blog?” This question addresses a fundamental issue about posting on Facebook and other key types of Social Media. The answer is complicated but can be summed up by saying that your content is yours. Certain types of content posted on your Facebook page can be used by Facebook. So its super important that you use Social Media to engage but do the educating off site (on a platform you have ownership over).

The last question I want to share today was “If I promote my business online, what key information will get the best results?” The answer to this varies as the audience varies. People surfing Facebook react differently to information posts versus those on Twitter or Google+. One common theme that runs through the various kinds of Social Media is the phrase “Whats In It For Me!” Most viewers will look at a post and thier inside brain is scanning the content to see what value there is or benefit to themselves. They don’t care about outlandish claims. Or figures and numbers/charts. They simply want to know the Features and Benefits (known as F&B). If you can nail that down in a few sentences, awesome.

Over the past years, I have gathered tips and techniques that generate results for clients. But I also have been very surprised at human nature and what sometimes works when you least suspect it. If you own a business and want to supercharge your social media, making it generate REAL results, then consider contacting me at gcurrie@eldoren.com

Have a great day!


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May 4th, 2015



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