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Why You Should Hire A Social Media Manager…TODAY!

Over the past few years I have offered services to various clients on managing Social Media. This means rather than snag an employee to look after Facebook posts or Twitter, your business actually brings someone onboard to “manage” your brand, promote your products and services with the intention of building your business. Regardless of the slow economy.

Never has their been a better time to develop this aspect of your small to medium size business. Many firms locally are struggling with a slow down in work and many are laying off staff. The mistake many businesses make is not keeping the marketing machine going. If you are going to stay in business, then its time to step up the client service, contact and online promotions as affordably as you can.

The paragraph above leads me to my next point. As a business owner are you serious about getting more clients? What about gathering information about what your clients or prospective clients interests are?

Now some will come back and say “I can’t afford the cost or hire anymore folks”. Others will suggest that they tried Social Media and it didn’t give them the return they were looking for. When pressed for details, the job of marketing with social media tools was in most cases done by staff or family members with a marketing background.

I will admit when I first start using Social Media, I loved Facebook and Twitter and other social media forms. But I did have some trouble seeing the value. It was around that time I started looking at using Social Media more for branding, targeted promotions and as part of an affordable marketing component. It was then when I started to see benefits for myself and clients.

Let me explain. Many of my clients collected LIKES on Facebook and were excited when they had 1000 – 10,000 likes. But these don’t mean much in most cases and a good percentage didn’t have to commit much to click a LIKE button. Ideally, you want to build likes where 60-80% will engage with you, share your posts and spread the word. That’s why the viral nature of FB can be good in certain cases. If your FB followers are not SHARING or Commenting on at least 35-40% of your posts….its time to change tactics.

Many types of Social Media are starting to change from a hobby site and becoming as much a business tool. I get a lot of traffic for my clients now using Instagram, Twitter and even Google+ (in addition to Faceook). As an active Pinterest fan, many of my clients are now able to track images, websites and videos they have PINNED, direct alot of traffic direct to their business websites.

So lets go back and look at working with a Social Media Manager.

Consider the following:

  • Most firms don’t need a fulltime Social Media Manager unless they are doing a lot of business or wanting to really expand their online sales.
  • Someone with the proper training and tips, can generate $2000 – $3000 in VALUE for less than $600 a month. Properly leveraged, you can take someone working 2 hrs a day and have that generate 5-10 times the promotional value than a part time or even full time employee. Its not to pick on the staff member, but to make it clear that you can get a much more efficient postings that you can track for results.

* A good example is Facebook – if you have 650 fans on your FB page and you post 2-3 times a week, you might be lucky to reach 25 with each post. Facebook no longer posts to all 650. But if you post 3-5 times a day, then you can see that “penetration” reach 200-300 of your 650 fans.

Its critical that you post and get people to SHARE or COMMENT. Likes are okay but you really need to focus on engagement. This means people sharing what you have to say to their friends.

Another important aspect and benefit of working with a Social Media Manager is controlling the CONTENT that you post and being able to GATHER valuable content. I have achieved a lot of success with promoting a 6-7 post strategy. Here is an example from some of the work I did for a previous client:

  1. Posted an update on New Products
  2. Posted a Video or Presentation Link
  3. Share some news about the industry that my client works in.
  4. Posted a small Survey or Contest ( to collect who is reading your posts)
  5. Sharing Trends and Tips that people can use.
  6. Sharing a promotion of a Service my clients offered.
  7. Asking for Opinions on a Topic that your potential clients are interested.

Now the above 7 types of posts will generate responses and will not come across as “hard selling” your business. You are essentially sharing news they are interested in, new products, asking for feedback or opinions (we all love to share these) and watch a video.

Now the secret to making the 7 posts above work includes:

  • ALWAYS post a Picture or image with each post. Not just boring text.
  • Always include a LINK if you can in your post.
  • Use Calls To Action (CTA’s) in your posts. Don’t make the mistake of simply posting a story. At the bottom, you need to include a link that has your classic CTA such as “Click Here to….”. Now if you want to double the clicks, include the “urgency” word…. TODAY. You will garner 20-30% more clicks with “Click Here TODAY for this FREE package”.

The only other secret that has generated great click through rates is including another magic phrase. That phrase is…. “Promise Me”.

If you add a CTA that says something like “Promise me, YOU will click TODAY on this link for a FREE Offer”. Sounds like a Sales Pitch but the reality is that it can increase your success of any promotion. These are the sorts of things you learn working with a Social Media Manager.

So my suggestion is a simple one – Ask yourself if you are interested in Building a SOLID mailing list of prospects. Consider the value of running a short Survey to get to know what your propects think or what demographic they fall into. This information is worth many times more than the $300-$500 a basic plan costs for a parttime Social Media Manager.

(Bonus Tip) – when running surveys, never ask more than 5 questions and most importantly, always ask an odd number of questions. The human brain struggles when you provide it with an A or B type Question. If you offer an odd number of choices, it draws the viewer into focusing on a Favorite Question or forces them to make a decision.

Example: If I asked someone, do you like our A) Christmas Cake, B) Pecan Walnut Cake, they will mentally bounce back and forth. It’s a tough if they like both. But if you add a third choice, Layered Black Forest Cake, you will find people taking the survey will eliminate one immediately. “I really don’t like Christmas Cake because it too rich.” They then find it easier to make the decision by eliminating choices. Its human nature.


So rather than give all my secrets away, lets wrap this up. Social Media Managers and services allow you to hire EXPERIENCE, bring someone onboard who can build your clientele and sales (regardless of economic indicators) and someone who can LEVERAGE your assets and brand at affordable rates.

For more information, Email me at gcurrie@eldoren.com or call me at 250-784-8383.

All the best


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April 30th, 2015



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