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11 Reasons Why Business Is Easier Now

After close to 25 years in business for myself and working with technology on a day to day basis, I have seen some incredible changes in how business is conducted and how companies now have a huge opportunity to succeed! This post today will share 11 of the immediate benefits today that didn’t exist 10 years ago.

  • Todays’s mobile smartphones can do almost anything. I carry an Apple 5S iPhone and it includes a great camera, is linked to all my devices including laptops, tablets and other tools. With a built in GPS and the ability to record video when ever I need it, I have come to depend on it daily. Most of us take it for granted. But many of the new features on smartphones allow you to run a business and staff right from the phone. Imagine if you will the ability 10 years ago to be able to turn a phone on and have instant access to a WiFi Hotspot! This would have been considered magic by many. And yet millions of phones have these.

  • Need to find something special? You can research almost anything. In past years (okay I am dating myself) you would travel to the library and read a book or search encyclopedia’s for information on a topics. Years later, with the advent of computers, you could search Google or Yahoo and find information in seconds. But thats not what excites me today. There is literally billions of pages of research, human behaviour and information on almost every topic known to man. Using services like Google Trends (a free service) you can find patterns and demo graphic information on whats trending and how that information can affect your clients and marketing efforts. And lets not forget that this information can be as current as 15 minutes ago.

  • Highly target your clients! The great old rule “know your client” was redefined when the Internet fired up. In todays market, know your prospects interests, buying patterns, favourite entertainment and the colour of icing he likes means you can highly focus in on prospects and how they live. This type of research typically allows you to build a profile and identify exacting what a potential client likes to eat, what TV shows he/she enjoys and you can even predict what type of car they drive. With some of the specialty tools Google has developed, you can correlate their client profile with other hobbies or interests and determine (with accuracy) what services of yours they might be interested in. Again, this type of thing was “magic” 10 years ago and not even consider 15-20 years ago. In mere seconds, you can narrow done exactly who is interested in what you have to offer.

  • The cost of technology is falling. I chuckle when I think back about the computer desktops and laptops I have owned. My first desktop was around $3000 and my first laptop ( a Dell ) was $5500. I couldn’t afford to buy it so I leased it and probably paid out over $6000.

    Today, I can buy a laptop for $400 that has 4-5 times the speed. Not to mention hundreds of times more space and RAM memory. Tablets have dropped in price and pretty much everything is come down. Today I sell inkjet printers for $59 and these will print high resolution full colour images with photographic quality. All of the technology that helps most businesses has dropped to super affordable range. When I purchased my Dell laptop, I actually managed to pay off the value with work I had got based on the speed and portability of the computer. Today, I can purchase a desktop computer with a 24″ screen and have it paid off in one days profit.

  • The ability to work in a mobile world. When I first purchased laptops, I was home free! I could work on holidays, assemble and write client notes at the lake, dial into the Internet with a phone call or sit in my car and type up a client form. Jump ahead a few years and I went from using my desktop and laptop 100% of the time to conducting business on my smartphone, tablet and MacBook Pro laptop. What is amazing is this all happened in about 4 months time. My office duties could be completed on my phone if need be. My research and reading was completed on my tablet. Or I might take a course on my iPhone or iPad while I walked to work. No more file cabinets, I was able to work anywhere I had a place to sit. In the past year, I purchased a backpack with a solar panel giving me the ability to charge all my electronic devices. This is Star Wars like technology that I use daily. Incredible.

  • Security improvements in todays connected world. Although we read in the daily news about security breaches and people stealing credit card info, the reality is that security issues more and more are being improved. Technology continues to be developed that can further protect our data. Although we have a long way to go, I see improvements daily.

    A good example that I can share addresses usernames / passwords combined with double authentication. In the past, I stored my usernames and passwords (which I kept very complex) for various services I used. Today, I still use the services but I have associated them with a secondary level of security. I use an authentication service that generates a special code every 30 seconds. So for example, I access a username and password for a special banking website. Once input, I then require a special code from an application I use or a key fob that I carry personally. It gives me this code which I enter as a secondary extra level of security. I can then get in. This prevents someone getting my username and password and accessing my private info. And the codes change dynamically so they can’t be used twice.

  • Drop Shipping has changed how E-Commerce is done. In todays economy, rarely do you need to take delivery of a product just so you can turn around and have to ship it out. If a home based business is selling knapsacks with special pockets and features, you can simply advertise and sell these online and all orders are shipped from central warehouses closest to where you client lives. There are literally millions of products (or more) that you can sell without ever seeing them in your house or business. This opens the doors for smaller businesses that live and operate on remote areas.

    Digital Products continue to grow and even with the concerns over theft and copyright infringement, there are many ways to protect what you sell. Digital products can range from software to downloadable PDF files. You can take courses with Videos, text, images and other downloadable content. Many companies now sell training and provide a location online that you can login to just as if you were going to University. Digital Products can be paid for many different ways including credit cards, paypal and many other methods used around the globe. Whats popular with digital products is that you can create many of your own and build a solid clientele of buyers who come back and buy more. And you can adjust your prices so they are affordable, cutting out the middleman and saving significant costs.

  • Setting your own prices has never been easier. The “science” of buying behaviour online is changing and we are learning more and more every day. Its not just about cutting or discounting prices. You can sell products for $5 per product but then bundle 4-5 products and sell for $15 (as a package) and see thousands of sales come in. You can also provide time sensitive promotions and control when they expire.

    Tracking sales promotions is very easy and that way you can determine what keywords in your promotions work best. In the past, creating flexible pricing was not something you always had control of. In fact, many companies selling products could heavily discount your products without your permission. This way, you can now test what works best and gather VALUABLE demographic data and info that can increase your yearly sales by over 1000%.

  • Home Based Businesses have existed for years. But in todays economy, starting a new business and being able to test it from home makes total sense. If you are selling digital products or drop shipping, you don’t need a store front. In fact if you live in a small town like I do, its best you sell online and operate out of a home office until you know your business is solid. Then you can choose (as many do) to setup a business office elsewhere once the cash is flowing. Some communities around the country support home based business as it allows new business to start and get traction. As long as you don’t have a lineup of customers parked on the street every day, you can usually get established. Other communities are restrictive so its best to always check. If I choose to sell digital information, I can sell it from my computer or iPad from a coffee shop while enjoying my dark roast coffee.

  • Information flows very quickly and therefore doing business online is getting faster and faster. Its absolutely amazing when you can create a product in a few hours, launch it to the world that night and the next day your product can be found on Google and searched for. More and more people are getting online and the world communication whether it be through e-commerce or social media is getting better everyday. The opportunity to communicate with customers and others is critical to doing business. And its not slowing down!

  • The last big trend that is improving is the ability for us to get information directly to our smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices (Apples’s new WATCH comes to mind). Access to files, content, courses, and more is changing how we do business. And opening up opportunities around the globe. Are you apart of this revolution? You need to be! Today!

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October 5th, 2014



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