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Great Reads – The Last 28 Books I have Read/Listened To!

I have always been a big reader but in the past 16 months, in addition to reading for fun, its also helped me build my vocabulary and increase my reading speed. This post provides a list of the last 15 books I have read. I should also mention that I read about 50% of my books and listen (via Audible.com) the other 50%. This allows me to listen to books while I wander to work or go on walks for exercise.

So here is the last 15 books I read ( via Amazone Kindle):

  1. Fluent in 3 Months – by Benny Lewis
  2. Launch – by Jeff Walker
  3. The Startup Owners Manual – by Steve Blank
  4. The Four Steps To Epiphany – by Steve Blank
  5. Creativity for Sale – by Jason Surfrapp
  6. Running Lean – by Ash Mauya
  7. Evernote Essentials – by Brett Kelly
  8. Google+ for Small Business – by Lynette Young
  9. Virtual Freedom – by Chris Ducker
  10. Brains Vs Capital – by Guenter Faltin
  11. Podcasting – Year One – by Donovan Adkisson
  12. The One Thing – by Gary Keller
  13. Podcast Launch – by John Lee Dumas
  14. Contagious – by Jonah Berger
  15. The Suitcase Entrepreneur – by Natalie Sisson

* The #1 book is still being read and should be finished this next weekend. For those interested, I want to upgrade my french language (I took it for 3 years) and would like to learn some German followed by Chinese (Mandarin)

I also listened to the following (from my iPhone or iPad):

  1. Gengis Khan and the Making Of The Modern World – by Jack Watherford
  2. Zero To One – by Peter Thiel
  3. Write, Publish, Repeat – by Johnny Truant and Sean Platt
  4. The Future Of The Mind – by Michio Kaku
  5. Parallel Worlds – by Michio Kaku
  6. How To Create A Mind – by Ray Kurzweil
  7. The Maker Movement Manifesto – by Mark Hatch
  8. Wool – by Hugh Howey
  9. Red Thread Thinking – by Debra Kay
  10. The Modern Scholar: The Author At Work – by Jenna Blum
  11. Brick By Brick – by David Robertson
  12. Automate This – by Christopher Steiner
  13. Mastermind – by Maria Konnikova

So what are you reading or listening to?



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September 19th, 2014



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