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Working Remotely From North BC – Examples

After publishing my first Facebook post on Tumbler Ridge and the opportunities to run an online business, I was asked by a few people to provide examples of companies that I was able to serve or work with at a distance. Below is a partial list of clients that I worked with OUTSIDE of my immediate area. I used phone, fax, email, Skype, Webinars, and remote demos.

  • Michael Penner Consulting – A web development company in Visalia, California. Provided a variety of web consulting, design services for close to 20 years.
  • CARS Engines – A custom Engine builder in Prince George, BC. Developed and worked on Website as well as marketing race car parts.
  • Castaway Boarts – website development to Fort St John based company plus marketing plan and business planning.
  • The Heli Farm / Dennis Pedersen – Assisted marketing of business and web site design and management for Spirit River, Alberta based company.
  • Haltech Testing – Web site design and development services to Baytree, Alberta company.
  • Evocative Inc – Berkeley, California based e-commerce company. Offered a variety of marketing and computer services.
  • Regional District of Nanaimo – Business consulting services to Nanaimo based regional Government.
  • North Peace Community Resources – Custom design and graphics work + prepress work.
  • CarSpots.ca – Provided consulting services to Nanaimo based Audio advertising company.
  • Hammer Korp Vending – Logo Design as well as web development, marketing and consulting, Fort St John, BC based business.
  • City of Fort St. John – Logo development, web site development and consulting, training and graphic design services in Fort St. John, BC.
  • Naughty Biscotti – San Jose, California based company selling Biscotto baking. Worked remotely managing e-commerce store, web consulting, e-commerce services.
  • John Lovett – Artist – Australia based Watercolour Artist – Assisted in developing web site development and web site marketing services.
  • America Flyers – San Francisco / Honeymoon Bay, California based company requiring web development, e-commerce, marketing of commercial lighting and hanging suspended lamps.
  • DreamCatcher Interactive – Toronto, Ontario based Gaming Company. Provided marketing advice, graphic design, web programming, analytics consulting, business advice, budgeting and business planning.
  • Mattel Interactive – San Franciso / Novato, California based office providing Marketing Advice, Community building, promotions, online marketing development and planning.
  • UbiSoft – San Francisco, California based gaming company. Product development and promotions, community building, fan development and general online marketing services + E-Commerce.
  • Asset Protection Corporation – Newport Beach, California – Graphic design, logo development, web site conselting, music / audio consulting. Worked remotely for over 10 years.
  • Achex Inc. – Based in Palo Alto / Cupertino, California, provided consulting and web design / coding services for 1 year.
  • Andrews Keys Associates – Based in Fairfax, California, provided remote programming services, graphic design, project planning, brainstorming services.
  • Pacific Bell – San Diego, California – worked on design advice and web consulting to large telephone company (partnered with AKA firm out of Fairfax, CA.
  • CYAN Inc. – Consulting, Community development, adventure gaming to Spokane, Washington based gaming consultantcy / developer.
  • Colteran Developments – Fort St John, BC based real estate marketing / development company. Offered design services, online marketing and web development services.
  • Ethix Consulting Inc – Fort St John, BC based company offering executive services to small to medium government projects. Logo development to the Oil and Gas Industry as well as consulting on annual report design and publications.
  • Back Flow Testing – Worked with Prince Goerge, BC based plumbing startup. Offered design services for graphic design and print media. Also offered business startup advice, web development services and marketing services.
  • Threewave Software – This Vancouver, BC based computer game company hired me to build logos, design a website and provide consulting services to CEO and management team.
  • Fort St John Child Development Centre – Fort St John, BC, social agency – provided graphic design, consulting on marketing and web development. Also provided training / presentations and ongoing technical support for online projects.
  • Timberline Transport – Calgary based trucking company – provided business consulting, marketing advice and graphic design as needed.
  • Trustmakers Inc. – Los Angeles, California based financial services company and education leader in asset protection and US based trust work. Provided consulting services, graphic design, computer programming, e-commerce sales consulting and coding.
  • Rogers Trucking – Fort St John, BC based trucking company. Provided web site development while partnered with Nortech Data Servcies.
  • Nortech Data Services – Fort St John, BC based computer company. Worked on web site development and web consulting.
  • Light Harbor Managed Servers – Berkeley, California based computer server / data facility manager. Provided e-commerce consulting, marketing for services and products, and logo development and branding services.
  • PaleWriter Publishing – a Michigan based publishing company (Adventure gaming) – provided graphic design and web development services. Business consulting and marketing advice.
  • Transferable Skills – Burnaby, BC based training company / website. Provided web development advice, computer graphics and more.
  • Springloaded Inc – San Francisco, California based start up company offering email tools. Porvided computer programming, web development services and consulting, marketing services.
  • Sentius Corporation – California based technology design firm, developer of RickLink technology. Partnered with AKA, provided graphic design and web development.
  • ShadowMan Entertainment – Dana Point, California based entertainement company focusing on country music and the film industry. Provided a variety of services ranging from e-comemrce to online marketing and graphic design.
  • Presto Studios – San Diego, California based game company developing products for Mattel / The Learning Company. Porvided web site development, marketing and community development, Flash programming, web site testing, usability consulting.
  • Vocal Stream – Los Angeles, California based music programmer – worked on logo development, branding and graphic design with partner AKA from San Francisco, California.
  • Latino Info Inc. / El Click – New York, NY based Hispanic web portal – provided consulting services / business advice as well as web development, logo development and more.
  • Claremont Strategic Advisors – Newport Beach, California based consulting company in financial services sector. Provided consulting for web development, marketing and other misc services.
  • Boris Kleyman Inc. – New York City, NY consulting company specialising in Russian based website for financial services. Web development, community management, branding consulting.
  • StockWorm Inc. – Huntsville, Alabama based software development company serving the financial services sector. Web site development, logo development and general marketing consulting.
  • British Columbia Fire Chiefs Association – Piers Island, BC based association that managed all Fire Chiefs in the province of BC. Provided consulting services, technology solutions, graphic design, web site design and more.
  • Virgin Records – New York City, NY based office for record promotions and marketing. Worked on music project and marketing of album (game sountrack) to fan community.


In over 25+ years I have sold books online, soccer jerseys, advice, trusts, food, chocolate, wine, flowers and at least another 300 products. Now you don’t have to keep these products on hand, the majority were dropped shipped or shipped from worldwide locations. There are many opportunities for people wanting to work remotely but not keep stock in their own town or location.

Its also worth noting that many US based firm have no idea where Dawson Creek, Tumbler Ridge, Groundbirch or Chetwynd is. To them, its a subburb of Vancouver, BC.

In a future post, I will provide more details on how business can be run in the north from small towns. And provide services / products to others around teh globe.


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September 12th, 2014




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