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What’s Hiding Under the Blanket – Why the Apple Technology and iPhone 6 Impresses Me!

Recently, Apple announced their new iPhone 6 to the world. Yes, lots of hype and a few folks who felt it wasn’t such a big deal. Many proclaimed that you could by an alternative phone running Windows or Android operating system that had the same power and features 2 years ago. But in my opinion, they seem to have missed a number of points. Here is my assessment….
About 16 months ago, after using Windows based computers for 25+ years, I started using an iPad. This was followed up by a MacBook Pro with retina screen and then an iPhone 5s. Not only did it change my life, I have never looked back.

I want to say this isn’t a bash Windows or Microsoft story. I still use Windows based computers daily. But my personal life and most of my business runs on Mac equipment.
For many years, I suffered through issues with my PC and viruses and malware. It seems that even the best software out there to prevent this sickness….well it can still barely keep up. Throw in the hundreds of megabytes of security updates, the issues with memory issues and glitches and software written for Windows that simply doesn’t work, well….it was getting frustrating.

When I purchased my first Android phone from Telus, I loved it! But Telus never upgraded the operating system and soon (in 3-4 months) my Android phone was running slow, was crashing and it simply became unstable. Nothing short of a lightning strike and miracle from god could keep it going. Hell, even sending out and replacing it for hardware problems took WEEKS!

My Android phone never did communicate with my Window laptops or desktops. Syncing content was a pain and often required expensive software solutions. About 80% of the software didn’t work well.

Battery life on my Android phones? Or my Windows Laptops…. Well it simply didn’t exist. So I carried extra batteries (about $90 – $120 per battery if I could find them a mere year after I bought the hardware).

So jump ahead to about early 2013. I am gifted a new iPad by my friends the Kalmbachs. I revolutionizes how I read, learn and operate technology. Almost overnight. I then purchased a MacBook Pro with Retina screen. A few months later, I got my iPhone 5s. Again, my life was about to change.

Firstly, the basics….

  • My iPad rarely crashes or needs a reboot. I went from using my old windows laptop 80% of the time to using my iPad for my business. Software was cheap, apps easy to find and 99% of the time quite stable. Updates for the operating system (iOS) were regular and app updates came on a regular basis.
  • I can’t remember the last time I had a crash or issue with my MacBook Pro. Seriously. It runs well, is easy to learn and use and never gets Malware or Viruses. The battery lasts twice as long as my Windows laptop battery and I run some heavy duty applications on it (including the full Adobe Suite and Office packages. I also crank out some of the coolest videos and multimedia projects known to man…effortlessly.
  • I use my iPhone for making / receiving calls about 10% of the time. The rest of the time, I shoot pictures and videos. In HD quality! I can actually edit video if I need to. I take courses online, read books or listen to books on Audible.com. I share and store files I need on DropBox and other file storage systems. I also record notes and review hundreds of pieces of content daily for Blog posts, Newsletter and more. I also monitor servers and websites for dozens of clients. Best of all, I DON’T have breakdowns or crashes.
  • The communication between the devices is incredible. If I listen to a book on one device, it syncs when I save or bookmark a location and then when I pick up my other device, it continues on where I left off. I can broadcast my screen from my iPhone to my laptop to my iPad and vice versa. Seamlessly.
    I can’t stress enough that the Apple technologies hidden benefit includes the ability to totally sync and share information without a lot of effort or training.

So let’s consider the “negative aspects” of using the Apple technology:

  • It costs more for than PC’s! Yes, but in the end, you save time which equals saving money. My time is valuable. Not getting viruses and malware…..priceless.
  • Apple “owns” everything and you have to buy from their app store! So what…..if the software works and is tested, I will take that ANYDAY over apps on the Play Store for Android. Many of the apps are Malware or crash and are NOT fully tested.
  • Apple needs special cords / dongles / adapters! Yes, they do…but they work and are incredibly fast. They support USB, Mini display port and HDMI. Their magnetic power plugins work great and save wrecking a cable.
  • Not all MacBook’s come with a CD/DVD Drive! Well, 95% of my software is provided online or on a USB stick if I need it. The reality is you can get anything with an internet connection.

Again, I want to stress that most people either love or hate Apple. I love what they offer for so many different reasons. When I slide my business hat one, I can say that I am able to learn better with Apple products, I can work with them better (as I am visually impaired), they all connect like a hot damn and they make me money. My productivity has gone through the roof compared to my old Windows / Android days!

A few months ago, the list of things the iPhone 6 was expected to do came out. There were a number of cool features and some enhancements. But if you looked real close, there were dozens of features (many never made the media train!) that added a great deal of value and enhanced how I work with technology. That’s the main reason I am becoming a bigger Apple fan every day. These developers build hardware / software that works the way I work!

In my next post, I will explain what apps and software I use on my iPad as well as iPhone 5S. I can give you tips and hints on how to “Supercharge” your day with technology designed to make your life zing!

If you are interested in more posts on Productivity, insider secrets on using your iPhone / iPad for business, please leave a message below or comments and I will post it soon.

Cheers, Gordon

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September 10th, 2014




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