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Ever wonder how some people simply BLAST AHEAD of the rest of us with new ideas and even better new businesses? These are the kind of people that can read a book and start a new project in the next week versus months or years for the rest of us. These kind of people can really annoy us as we try to figure out what sort of magic pixie dusk they smoked or magic beans they bartered for. But surprisingly, these types of people don’t have any special secrets….except for a few.

Common sense tells us that we could sell 100 products but realistically only 5% will make you the big money1 So sell just those products. We might also see people working 60+ hours a week. But the reality is that most of the success they garner comes from about 2 hrs of hard work. So lets take the rest of the week off. Make sense? Maybe.

Over the past 20 years I worked with some incredible clients all over Canada and the US. Big companies that spent a fortune on marketing. Every time I had the chance, I made notes on what they did each day to make the large sales and market products all over. After about 5 years, I started to see patterns. I realized that being successful financially isn’t as hard as it looks.  We tend to make a lot of work for ourselves. So lets spin the magic and move ahead!

Firstly, you have to see the BIG PICTURE.  By that I mean, you have to step back from a project and really analyze things from above. I call it the 25,000 foot level. Typically, we focus on WAY TO MUCH detail. Its just too tempting. We drill down and spend all of our valuable time working on minute problems and challenges without being able to stop and say “wait a second…I am not sure this will even work”. Get way up on that project and look down a ways so you can see all the factors that will affect the business or project.

Once the big picture is out of the way, we move onto my next topic, LEVERAGE. Now you can leverage almost anything. People, space, money, abilities, technology, software, hours in a day…. and so on. But few people do it. We think we are efficient but are we really? Recently I published a blog article on Productivity and highlighted my software (Naturally Speaking by Dragon) that I use to dictate letters. I can dictate almost 230 words a minute (wpm). Even if I could type 80 wpm, that would still be 30% of what I can do with the right technology. So why isn’t everyone using this leverage?

How many people can read 100 books a day? Few if any. Or peruse the magazine rack and review 300-400 articles in 5 minutes. No one. Yet the technology to gather information ( particularly in the past 8 months) has taken some HUGE leaps and bounds. I curate content for newsletters and client projects that would take 30 full time staff  5 years ago. But its totally doable.

Analyze a typical day and look at how much walking and driving you do. Now open up your computer and run a few programs. You can spend hours and at the end of the day get very little done. But we live in a world now where we can leverage so many things that doing a full days work in 30 minutes IS DOABLE. Getting sales from around the globe is VERY DOABLE. Want to write a book on your favourite topic and self publish it and make money? LOTS OF MONEY. Doable. Now you don’t just publish it, you can contact other Authors and for $3.99 probably buy a book on how they did the same and are now retired and sitting pretty. So why don’t we do it. Why don’t we take advantage of all the magic beans scattered around the world (and Internet)?

In order to prove my point, I am finishing up some chapters on a book I started 5 years ago. It was on how to leverage technology and marketing tools. But so much has changed in the past 2 years, I am going to release a few chapters at a time. Throw on a price tag of a few dollars. And release to the world. Everything I learned from my clients, everything I read and researched over 30 years….well, I am going to touch on all of that. The book I am writing can now be marketed to millions for about 90% less than what it cost 5 years ago. Its going to be a fun project and a story you will not want to miss.

I look forward to sharing, stay tuned!

Gordon Currie

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May 24th, 2014



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