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What The Heck Is Disruptive Technology??

Working with computers and technology pretty much daily gives me an opportunity to see all the new stuff coming out. But in the last 2-3 years, there has been a huge change in technology and we hear it referred to as “Disruptive Technology”. Today, its critical you know what this means and how it can impact your life and business. So read on…!

Disruptive Technology is a new technology that replaces previous tech and makes significant changes to how we work and play. The best example of this is the Tablet computer (iPad coms to mind). Not only has it replaced the desktop and laptop for many, its opened up new worlds. As I use my iPad daily, I thought I might talk a bit about how I use it and how my world changed a 1 year period.

Prior to the fall of 2012, I spent about 80% of my time on my Desktop computer and about 20% on my laptop. I purchased software on CD/DVD or I downloaded it direct from suppliers.  I read hard and soft cover books but also enjoyed audiobooks on occasion. This was pretty normal and I liked it. But things where going to change.

After I was hospitalized with my stroke, I got home and struggled with reading and my vision in general. But then I started to use an iPad. At first I used it to check email and then surf some websites to keep up with news and technology. Over the next year, I got my MacBook Pro and then my iPhone 5S. And here is where things really started to change for me.

In about one year, I noticed a significant change in both my business, how I use technology and the benefits of this change.

  • I now work on my desktop computer (Windows 7 Pro) about 10% of the time. I use my MacBook Pro about 40% of the time and I use the iPad about 30% and my iPhone 20%. I don’t use my Fijitsu laptop at all anymore.
  • I rarely buy software anymore and probably buy apps 80% of the time ( for upwards of 10% of the cost of software). Any software I do buy…well its downloaded and rented online ( ex: I now rent Adobe products by the month – saving thousands ).
  • I share files equally between my iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro daily. With Windows based computers, I use 3 different services (note, I didn’t say software) including DropBox, Google Drive, and Amazon S3.
  • 80% of the books I buy are bought from Audible.com. I listen to them on my walks around town, while resting at night or sometimes in the early morning when I first get up. The other 20% of the time, I download books in Amazon’s Kindle format or PDF format. Rarely do I buy actual hardcover books anymore.
  • I used to meet with clients face to face as often as I could. But it required driving or more time than my clients had available. Scheduling appointments was a challenge. Not to mention the gas I used getting there. Today I use Skype and FaceTime (Mac based) for video conferencing and training. I also use Skype to call clients outside my area for pennies a minute. I provide webinars for clients and use services like Join.me and other remote control services to take control of clients computers. I can watch a client demonstrate a problem they have and then fix online in front of them. Or I can login and take control of their computer remotely…..from ANYWHERE in the world. Its really changed how I do business. The techniques above are very important in that I am still not driving based on my vision loss.
  • I used to shoot video with my Video Camera, Flip Camera and then head back to my office, transfer via USB or Firewire cable to my Windows computer and edit in a $600 software package. Today, I shoot all video in full HD using my iPhone and iPad. I send the video via Wireless or Bluetooth to my laptop and edit the entire thing on my MacBook Pro in a program 1/3 the cost of my previous software. All video projects are then automatically synced with 3 different services including Apple iCloud.
  • When I am reading books on my iPad or on my iPhone (Using Amazon Kindle), ALL my devices remember where I am in a book or article and I can continue reading from the very same point. So many times, I might read a book on my iPad in the morning, switch to my laptop in the afternoon and then continue on later that day on my iPhone while sitting at the Dentist waiting for an appointment.

The above is a good example of “Disruptive Technology”. The above are significant changes in how I work, how I make a living and I how I handle content on my devices. Can you imagine what sort of changes we could anticipate in the next 2-3 years? It boggles the mind.

Now there is also one common thread above that you might have noticed. The coordination of Apple products. Now I am not bashing Windows or Android. I have an Android tablet, phone, and Windows desktops / server / laptops. But after years of dealing with Windows crashes, a lack of apps for the Android phone, and lack of updates from Telus (for my Android phone), I moved over to Apple. I pay more and yes they have restrictions. But I don’t get Viruses, the software Apple provides me is updated REGULARLY and I haven’t had to fight with Windows 8 like many are today. Yes, I am hooked. But for me, it helps me run my business and my life.

In one of my next posts, I will talk about the new Software Apps that I am using and how they have increased my business, flexibility working and helped me with my vision / memory challenges.

More to come!



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April 5th, 2014




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