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Over the last 10 years off and on, I have offered business coaching services. Its never been the mainstay of my business but more and more I see clients and prospects looking to get some help for their business in certain areas. They include marketing, business development, increasing profitability, working with Social Media, better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and many other topics.

Every business is different and there really is no one template or single approach that works. We get together, discuss the business and its challenges and then provide advice and support on how to address their needs. It involves sharing a lot of creative, innovative ideas and it can be a great deal of fun!

Business Coaching can mean different things to different people. For me, I am focusing on some key areas:

  • Productivity – Knowing how to be more productive and utilize todays technology to help your business grow is paramount. And I have dozens of techniques that I use that really help me personally.
  • Marketing – With over 25 years providing marketing services, this is a specialty of mine. But its a pretty broad term, so I focus on marketing techniques you can learn that generate new clients, better support existing client relationships and help you be more profitable.
  • Social Media – In today’s business world, you need to have a presence on social media. Understanding how to use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinteret, LinkedIn is critical. But most people have no idea where to start or understand how to use it to BUILD your business.
  • Use of Technology in your business – I am a technology junkie and have worked with the latest software and hardware for years. Some recent developments have changed my business dramatically and improved my cash-flow and profits. For this reason, it would be crazy to help you with your business and not explore technologies that can help you.

There  are many other types of assistance and support a Coach can provide. Although I value the importance of goal setting, encouraging business owners to blossom, al too often I hear people say, “I really need help and advice to make my business make more money and get more clients.” So thats where I like to start. There are hundreds of other services I can provide but I would rather start on the above and build my relationship with you.

At this time, I am working with a limited number of people each month. I don’t do the coaching to make my living, its a special service I offer to those who are serious. Each month I typically work with no more than 3 clients on an individual basis. We don’t share meetings, your coaching is done with you and your business. If you wish to include a partner, family member, thats certainly an option.

So how do I work with clients? What are the steps?

Well, initially, I like to interview the clients and discuss what their needs are. I will in most cases will meet for a coffee, preferably away from their business. My initial interview will run about 30 minutes and I don’t charge for that. We discuss which of my services would be of interest and what type of package would work for you. My rates vary based on client needs. My minimum timeframe that I like to work with clients is 2 months. If they wish to extend that period, I then can provide options for extensions.

What kind of businesses can benefit from coaching?

I have worked with businesses in dozens of different industries. There are not too many I can’t help. But most people that come to me are looking to get help with:

  • Increasing the Profitability side of their business. And in some cases they might be looking at more sales. But many I have worked with have seen increased profits with no more sales growth ( especially if they are maxed out as it is)
  • Coming up with new services or products that complement their current offering. Idea generation is tough and takes time. Most business owners are too close to the business to see outside ideas and strategies.
  • Technology and Computers – I work with computers daily (both PC and Mac) as well as Tablets, Smartphones and other tools. Knowing how to leverage technology is important and most people don’t have the time to learn as they go. So what I do is evaluate what technology would work best and then I can help the businesses integrate it. And make it pay.
  • Getting more done in a day!  Most business owners don’t have a lot of time…if any. So at the end of the day, its hard to get all the extras done. Marketing usually gets dropped. New ideas and new plans disappear when you hit the couch after work. So my goal is to help you prioritize whats important and show you how to better manage your time. And focus on the real important stuff. Its not easy and for most business owners, we tend to micromanage a bit and do a little bit of everything. Meanwhile we struggle with delegating and RUNNING our businesses.

Contact UsIf you think my Business Coaching Services might help you, or you see the investment in working with someone professional, then contact me today at 250-784-8383 or email me at gcurrie@eldoren.com . I do want to make it clear, I do charge for my time and generate results for many businesses. If you value good advice and are prepared to make a 2 month minimum commitment, then contact me today.


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