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Part 2 -Blasting into 2014 – Awesome Update

Hey Everyone

I wanted to give everyone a quick update on my upcoming plans for 2014 and provide more detail on some incredible new services. This is a continuation of the origination post titled Blasting Into 2014.

As mentioned before, I am going to start offering some Coaching Services to small / medium size business. This will also include Home Based Businesses in certain industries. My plan is to work with no more than 4-5 businesses at a time so I can provide a high level of personalized service. Here are some topics that I can cover in the Coaching area:

  • Coaching businesses on use of technology and todays software to get ahead (at a reasonable price)
  • Provide directions on getting New Business moving into the future.
  • Coaching on newer Innovative Methods of Marketing including Social Media (customized for their business)
  • Providing advice on realtime business challenges.

This Coaching will be referred to as VIP Coaching and include regular reviews, links to custom screencasts (videos) using their business and website (when applicable), Marketing Plan Advice and help with branding. My focus is to guide them, provide them with resources and encourage them to see the many new opportunities that exist for their businesses. I review their business model and can in some cases suggest new directions a business can go.

The benefit of the Coaching to clients is my experience working with businesses of all sizes. I can share techniques used successfully by past clients and advice I have provided. Alternatively I can tell you what doesn’t work or directions you should avoid.

Pricing and a more detailed approach and sample coaching agreement will be provide right after Christmas. These services will be on a first come first serve basis and will be open to clients all over the USA and Canada. So if you are interested, best to contact me via email.

Some of the technology I will be using for clients and students in 2014 will include:

  • Customized screencasts ( videos of software and marketing techniques)
  • Podcasts on Innovative Marketing  – Free and downloadable from multi locations including iTunes
  • Digital Training using 8 different kinds of media so that you can train at your speed, on your schedule.
  • Interactive Webinars with live chat so you can listen in on presentations and interact with me and my guests.
  • Technology and software used by successful Home Based Businesses.
  • Shared examples of actual cases studies of client projects. Success stories rock!
  • Digital Newsletters with hundreds of Tips (many unknown to most marketers) available.

I really want to help Home Based Businesses (HBB) as I have been doing this for years.  The best way to show people learning is through examples. I have many of my own and probably another 200 HBB examples from just the past 10 years alone.

One other item I want to mention that will play a big part in my plans for 2014 will be demonstrating some very innovative tools / techniques to using todays technology. For example, I am doing some very interesting video production and editing on both my iPhone 5S and my 4th Generate iPad. I have a list of software and apps that produce incredible results for any small business. The screen capture software that I have been using (including ScreenFlow 4.5 and Camtasia 8.0) produces some very professional videos that can be used for training, raising money for your business, crowd funding campaigns and more.  Setting up a small movie studio for Video Blogging is something I can share including how to light it, where to buy equipment at 60-75% off regular prices. All totally doable.

In my original post, I talked about why you would consider taking training or working with me. I had some questions come in via email on this topic. A few asked about the training being too technical. That isn’t the case as I work with beginners and adults of all ages. No need to feel uncomfortable with some new terms or techniques. I make it easy but also can scale up the level of training for individuals that move quicker. In terms of multimedia in training, I am a BIG believer in providing education with examples, video, recordings you can listen to in your car or at times when its best for you. There is absolutely NO REASON we can’t have fun and use technology that is exciting. And recorded and available to you 24/7.

So keep an eye out as the SteamRoller is a moving on this. I will announce more in the coming days and weeks. How can you help me? SHARE this post or links to my blog at http://www.gfcurrie.com or via my company page at http://www.eldoren.com .

Thanks again for your valuable time!

Gordon Currie

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December 15th, 2013



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