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Cool Web Marketing Tips plus a SECRET!

Hey everyone, another beautiful day in the land of opportunity. This evening I wanted to mix things up a bit and share some Marketing Techniques that might appeal as well as a special secret. Interested? Read on.

Cool Marketing Tips – Volume One

Here is a list of random marketing tips associated with online selling and promotion.

  • Want to sell a product online and increase your sales by 14-22% ? – Offer an odd number of items, never an even number. So why is this? People have to make choices and many struggle with the decision process. For example, a women walks into a jewellery store and wants to buy a nice set of diamond earrings. Now if the vendor puts 2 sets on the counter, you can watch the women look at one, then the other and go back and forth. But its a tough call if they both look good. So here is the secret – Offer her 3 choices. With an odd number of choices, most people will look, and then eliminate the odd one out. This helps them make the decision and makes the decision process simpler. And this works with pretty much anything. Note: This is not a man or women thing…..its human nature.When I create and market company Logos for clients, if I show them 2, 4 or 6, they get into a panic. But if I show them 3, 5, 7, they will in many cases pick one they don’t like and that helps them eliminate and move the process along quicker! I have created logos for 20 years and it works about 95% of the time.
  • When you are selling a product or service, ALWAYS focus on two things – Features and Benefits. Sounds simple right? You would be surprised at how many people don’t do this. How will the product benefit the client? Remember, its all about them.
  • Find a solution to someone’s PROBLEM. Many marketers focus on selling the product. But the reality is you have to identify a PROBLEM and then provide the SOLUTION. In fact this is even more important when choosing what to sell online. We tend to work the other way around. Ex:  You hate cleaning up poop after you dog each day. It kills the lawn and NO ONE likes to do this. So you do some research and come up with a potential product that GUARANTEES you never feel sick when cleaning up after a pet. And you don’t have to touch anything. And maybe the last advantage is that neighbours don’t see you cleaning up after the dog!This PROBLEM above can have many different solutions. If you turned around and said, hey buddy, I sell cool plastic shovels with built in nose plugs and a cape! Crazy right? But we could be talking about the same product. Sell on FIXING THINGS for people or SOLVING a Problem that THEY DON’T WANT TO FIX or HAVE TIME TO FIX.

The last tip came from a book I am reading this week. It relates to Twitter and getting more twitter followers. If you are new to Twitter, I will provide in a future post more details. But for those using Twitter, this is for you.

Look at the HASH tags that are trending on Twitter this week. I would be willing to bet as of today they are related to Weather, the death of an African Leader or maybe best Christmas presents for kids. Now what you want to do is make a list of all the keywords that might be associated with these types of topics. Brainstorm each subject and see what you can come up with for some cool ideas. Ex: Lets say #kidsgifts is trending on Twitter. Consider researching the top gifts for kids this year on Google or Twitter / Facebook. Make a list, publish a blog post and review why you might want to buy these for your kids. Offer up some safety tips. Then after publishing, assemble some Tweets describing your review or interest in the various gifts. For EACH link in your article, consider linking to an Affiliate link on Amazon or Toys-R-Us type online store.

How can you make this even better? Encourage people to link to your review and publish it on Facebook. As more and more people SHARE the article / post, Facebook will start to promote it as popular. Its called building authority.

The tips above are just a sampling of stuff that I have learned over time that have helped my clients and my own businesses. And now onto the ……

The Secret!

No, this email is not about the book or any magical ways to make your life better. Well, thats not true either. Today I want to share a way for you to make an extra $200 – $400 PER MONTH with minimal work.

Millions of people buy products every year online. In fact there are few that haven’t when you start to look at the numbers. So based on that, I was recently asked by a couple of people I met at a coffee shop about starting an easy business to make them around $500 or less a month. I thought about this and offered the following idea:

Sell Blenders Online!

Sound crazy? Nope! In fact blenders and other kitchen accessories sell very well online. There are many places you can go to monitor trends and sales online that could give you lots of ideas. So here is how it works. You assemble a list of the top 12 – 15 blenders. You go out and setup a 1-2 page website (very easy to do today ). Pick a cool domain like BlendersForNutrition.com . Now go out onto the Internet and search for suppliers who sell Blenders. The first one that comes to mind is Amazon. And they have an affiliate program!

Now Affiliate programs allow you to sell and promote products (including books and blenders) without having to purchase stock. You simply add a picture to your webpage for each blender and then link to the Affiliate link on Amazon. When someone clicks and buys, you end up getting a small percentage of the sale. No need to carry stock, you simply send them the order and you get paid.

Now for those new to selling products online or via affiliate programs, there is another secret to success. When people buy a product while on the Amazon site and after they add the Blender to their shopping cart, if they buy anything else, you get a percentage of that sale as well. Sounds pretty easy doesn’t it. So why isn’t everyone doing it? Well millions are. In fact when I setup my affiliate link with Amazon 20 years ago, I was number 5239 or very close to that. Today the number of affiliates are well over 2,000,000!!

The secret to the above technique (which I can pretty much guarantee will work) is to build the page, link to the products online include your code and then do some basic marketing. If you averaged $10 per order in income, you only have to sell 30 blenders a month to make $300. That is totally doable and that number goes up as you grow your webpage. The next step (which I will cover in another post) is to start adding products that people BUY when they BUY a Blender. Its called cross-setting and it works awesome.

So maybe these ideas might be of interest to you (or not). But I can tell you there is SO MUCH OPPORTUNITY selling and doing business online, that I could spend a lifetime sharing what I have learned.

Watch for more posts and have a great day!


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December 10th, 2013



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