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Blasting into 2014 – Hold On Tight!

Well to all my blog/web fans and friends today is going to be a special day as I announce some very cool new services, products and directions coming in early 2014. Its been a year this weekend that I was on a jet to Edmonton for a blood condition and ultimately a stroke (not great). So 1 year later I am back in the real world and more excited about the future. So enjoy todays post!

As many of you are aware, I focused my services this past 3-4 years on web design and graphics. I have always enjoyed this but my plan is to take on fewer projects and focus on businesses that are serious about marketing online. My existing clients will continue to get serviced but I am adding some new services.

After almost 30 years, I have amassed a lot of content and experience. And I want to share that. So my plan is to get back into training people and businesses. My courses will be available to both local citizens and the rest of the world. Rather than hand out papers and follow a powerpoint, you will get to see videos, screencasts, recorded podcasts (and live ones) and be able to take training WHEN you want to and WHERE you want to. Some classes will be free and others carry a small charge.

In addition to training, I plan to offer Coaching Services for clients all over. Using the latest technology and software, I will be able to guide individuals and groups in a number of directions aimed at new businesses, new innovative marketing programs and realtime analysis of business challenges. I will take a limited number of people, so I can give them a premium service and experience.

Things in my life have changed and the biggest changes include my partial vision loss and my ability to not drive. I still am challenged at times with balance issues and memory stuff but I am managing that with technology. Not quite the 6 million dollar man but damn close! :+)

So I will be using internet based technology and todays cool software. I can produce my own videos / TV channels / Podcasts / Digital Training / and custom content. When YOU want to take advantage of it.

For existing FB fans and followers I will be offering discounts and free coupons for various programs and training depending on the Interest. I want to give back and support those that supported me this past year.

If you think about it, I can offer custom Video training and instruction catered to my viewers needs. I can provide podcasts on everything from small business techniques to search engine tips for your business. Interested in home based business or increasing your income each month? I can publish information and share experiences with you. On your smartphone, computer, iPad, MP3 player or TV. Its going to be very cool.

“So who will this appeal to and why are you going this direction Gordon?”

Well the answer is multipart. Firstly, I am targeting the world with my services and products / training. So I am not limited to just my own community. Economics aside, its just as easy to open up to the world (in fact I can show you how!)

The second part to the question above is easy as well. I want to help men and women entrepreneurs or people who want to run businesses. I want to provide (or mentor) people with an option that they can do at home, on the road, coffee shop or in any town/city in the world. Its important to me that I provide services for single Mom’s and those who need help on reduced budgets or want to be a great parent but still get the training. I say this because I work from my home and got to be close to my kids and spouse. Its worth every penny.

A lot of people I run into daily in my travels are “Interested in working Online or making an income online.” I am here to tell you its totally possible and I am in a position to show you how and help you.  If you visit www.eldoren.com you can see a list of clients all over North America and view testimonials from clients who BENEFITTED from my work. Many of them made thousands of dollars and I can show you how we did it.

At this point, you might think to yourself this is all hype or self promotion. Yes, it might be a bit that way. But the reality is I have been SUCCESSFULLY working with great people and clients for many years. And I have to be honest and say after reabilitating myself from a stroke and blood disorder, this challenge will be a lot easier. I say this in all seriousness and honesty.

So How Is This Going To Come Together?

In no particular order:

  • I will release information on my Facebook page – www.Facebook.com/gordon.currie
  • My Podcast will launch in Q1 of 2014 and will be promoted and available via iTunes and other streaming sites.
  • I will provide information on my Coaching Services, Prices and more detail via my website and emails.
  • Webinars will be setup so guests can signup via email. They will be promoted on Social Media and web links.
  • Announcements will be made on my Twitter Feed – www.twitter.com/eldoren
  • A VIP club for a limited number will be created with custom content for those hardcore serious clients/fans. Details to be announced in Q1 or early Q2.
  • A Newsletter (Digital) will be available in mid to late January that you can signup for on Facebook or my Website. Content will be provided at NO cost but will highlight free services and options.
  • E-Books will be made available for FREE download as well as some special versions for a small fee. Available via my website, links on Facebook as well as the ITunes store and Amazon Kindle store.

“What Else Do You Have Planned?”

Funny you should ask (Corny I know). As many people know, I am a bit of a productivity nut. And I love technology (hardware and software). So I am going to open up and share via a number of different forms of media information (and training) on very cool software and Apps that I use that have changed my business (revolutionized in fact).

Would you believe me if I told you that I developed ways to be more productive even working fewer hours a day and with limited vision? Believe me you will be surprised and fascinated. I guarantee it!

I really want to help those who are new to Social Media. And so in addition to my tips I will be bringing in pro’s in this arena as well as co-hosts on my podcasts. Learn what you need on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and more.

Using New Technology like Podcasts, Online Video, Making and Producing Movies with iPads, iPhones, and more. I will demonstrate using programs like ScreenFlow and Camtasia for your business (home based or otherwise).

“Why would I take your training vs somewhere else?”

Well, I ALWAYS encourage people to take whatever training they can get and like. But I think I offer a unique experience:

  • Experience actually doing what I teach
  • Working from Home – I can show you how
  • I have taught at Colleges, Community Skills Centres and private facilities around BC
  • I work with the latest Technology and Software / Apps. Daily.
  • Multimedia used for all training when needed
  • Working with Beginners, Adults in most cases.

In most cases my training courses will be based on 60-90 min sessions. Taken at home, work or on the road. You will be a student of mine for life, so you get access to Free stuff, and a whole bunch of content you can use. I encourage feedback, reviews, the asking of questions and more. Hey, I am nothing special…just an ordinary highly motivated positive guy.

So over the next few week over Christmas, I plan to spend time with my family, eat a lot and hammer out some stuff mentioned above. So watch my posts and let me know what you think. You can always email me at gcurrie@eldoren.com .

Lastly, if you think of ANYONE you know might be interested in the above, regardless of location, feel free to repost this FB post or Blog URL. Many thanks in advance!

Time to Move AHEAD into 2014!


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