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Hi Everyone

As many of my readers and friends will have noticed this past week, I launched a Crowdfunding project over at IndieGoGo.com ( i tried to launch at Kickstarter but they don’t like projects focused on self-help or marketing themes). In simple terms, my project focus is simple – Raise $3500 through donations to launch The Marketing Wizard Podcast.

I developed my podcast just prior to having my stroke last year and realized after my vision loss that one way I could give back was to share what I learned over the past 25 years while helping market companies products and services. I really feel that some of what I have learned would help others and was best distributed free to small business.

Crowdfunding programs are aimed at people looking to raise small amounts of money from lots of people. So if someone reviews my project, they might be willing to donate under $50 to the project. The project I am doing is trying to raise $3500. Now some people might donate $20 and others $200. It really depends on how much you can afford and what you feel is fair.

Some friends have asked me a couple questions about the project so I thought I would address these:

Q:  Why don’t I pay the costs or invest my own money?

A: Good question – I have spent about $1000 of my own money and wanted a project that I could involve people in and have them be a part of the podcast. My rewards that I offer people for the support range from simple online thank you’s to consulting work and special promotion of you business online.

Q: What happens if you don’t raise the money? Will you still podcast?

A: I hope to raise the funds or a portion. But if I don’t raise the money, I will go ahead but seek alternative methods of raising funds or I will scale back what I was hoping to do.

Q: Who listens to podcasts and why?

A: Another great question – Podcasts are listened to be hundreds of millions and are similar to a weekly radio broadcast. They offer tips, advice and entertainment that you can listen to on your smartphones, iPads, laptops, Tablets etc. They are free and a lot of people enjoy following specific podcasts to learn about business or hobbies.

Q: So what makes your Podcast worth listening to or supporting?

A: Well, the reality is there are hundreds of podcasts on marketing but what makes mine unique is that I have lots of marketing techniques that I have learned over the years that clients have PAID BIG MONEY for.  Here is some examples of things I have learned that I want to share via my podcasts:

  • Over the years I learned how to track website visitor behaviour on a site and make minor changes to text or image placement that could increase click thru rates and sales by as much as 26%…with minimal cost.
  • I learned how to market with postcards and what two phrases developed the best return rates….in some cases far more than traditional mailers.
  • I marketed movies and found 4 techniques to creating controversy that attracted media attention from Associated Press, CNN and Wall Street Journal. And these techniques will be explained in my podcast.
  • Software tips and examples that you can use and pay next to nothing for!
  • Best times of day to email people (increases by 34%) and make contact with clients.
  • What types of Social Media tools actually generate $$$ results for small business and what doesn’t work.
  • How to use new tools and techniques that are much cheaper than traditional marketing methods….and you can do them from home.
  • Key methods to getting publicity from media all over North America, not just in your home town.
  • How to write a press release that generates results and gets you interviews.
  • Headlines that attract attention when seeking attention from clients and suppliers.
  • Understanding how to promote the concept of Innovation and why this is so important.
  • Search Engine Secrets that are GUARANTEED to work miracles.

Its hard for some folks to understand that I have worked with dozens of clients who have paid me thousands of dollars to research markets and find business for them. You can benefit from my experience and techniques. If I simply tried stuff and it all succeeded, then that would be bullshit. I failed on some so I can tell you what NOT to waste on your promotions. I can also share tips that are inexpensive and don’t require huge outlays of capital.

Over the years, I won awards and got national attention for campaigns that made my clients money. One client in the USA increased his sales from $20,000 a month to over $60,000 in about 8 months.

Others may have also noticed that I worked on two different Olympic campaigns and can share how I got the business and why you can too without a pile of work. It comes down to knowing what sort of thing they are looking for. And a positive attitude and the belief you can get international attention is critical.


When I lost some of my vision, I started to look at how I could give back. I needed a platform that would allow me to reach people on their computers, phones, tablets and not cost them anything. Oddly enough, sometimes giving away stuff doesn’t help my cause and people tend not to support it. Its the old, “sell puppies for a $1 each vs giving them away for free” theory.

Anyway, if I you are interested, check out:


and hopefully you might be interested in supporting the project.






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November 15th, 2013



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