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I wanted to throw my friends and blog follows a quick post and share some cool updates this past few days. Quite often I have 3-4 day spurts of innovation, use of cool technology and straight fun working with clients and projects.

This past week, I took delivery of my NEW Mac Book Pro 15″ Retina display. Very cool and a blast to work on. The graphics, speed and general easy use has made it very simple for me to fall in love. Between the iPad and the laptop, there is probably nothing I can’t tackle. As I started to develop more projects on the computer, I will post some cool ideas and techniques I use. Plans are in place to post a list of software I am using and services online so people can see examples of some of the best productivity tools known to man. So watch for updates.

Over the past week I purchased ( Amazon kindle Store) some awesome books on Podcasting, working remotely and location independent living. I think out of 5 new books, 4 were worth their weight in gold! I got more ideas, learned more techniques and was able to snag books that had only just come out in the past 21 days. Talk about current! The best part was that they were written by everyday people who had gone out, learned new marketing techniques / technology secrets and were willing to share them. Man, I love Kindle books.

On the Podcasting front, I am getting ready to re-launch my ongoing podcast series. I started “THE PODCAST MASTER AND MARKETING WIZARD” podcast on ITunes 24 months ago.  I have one version up on ITunes but to be honest, I listened to it again and the editing sucked and there are a lot of “um’s”, “sneezes” and other ghastly background sounds (no farting I promise). So future versions will be much better edited and look / sound like a pro. I listen to a lot of podcasts when I walk around town and at night before bed. They range from marketing to religion, creative writing to model trains. Definitely have enriched my life.

Over 2 years ago, I bought a great microphone for podcasting and started to learn the basics. Now, having read some more books and researched hardware / software, the whole concept of podcasting takes on a new direction now that I am using a Mac. You can certainly do it with a Windows machine, but my experience so far has been that it seems easier on a Mac. I plan to move from using Audacity (free download) to Adobe Audition (paid) based on the extra features. The best part is I can have guests login via Skype for interviews, I can include video and generally add WAY more value to what I share!

Cool Use of Technology

This last few years I have been developing and creating some nice videos for training using Camtasia Studio Version 8+. I simply pop open a browser and I can walk through a demo for a client or an online training session and then save and publish a movie that clients can watch later. I embed URL’s, zoom into key areas on the screen and customize the whole presentation. This morning I created a 20 minute training session for the Website for a client (local group of teachers) using Joomla. Very easy and very professional. It really adds a higher level of service rather than try to explain in an email how to do things. They can watch me actually do it and then describe in detail the various processes. Imagine gettng trained on WordPress or other blog software from your home! Totally doable.

Another really cool software product that I use more and more is REMOTE ACCESS software. I have used Join.me, TeamViewer, N-Able and other programs for years. Its really simple – I can login to ANY clients computer and do the following:

  • View their screen and walk them through a problem ( I can call them on the phone or Skype). A great way for staff to learn. Also very good for me as I don’t have to drive to a clients** and can in most cases be online in seconds, providing support. and personalized training!
  • I can login and take control of their computer and install programs, fix security bugs, demonstrate new software or even take them on a tour of websites. In fact there isn’t alot I can’t do. Imagine needing some quick tech support on a weekend or afterhours….its totally doable from my end as long as I plan accordingly.
  • Software installation and upgrades are easily done at a distance online.
  • Setting up Remote Backups, making changes to Emails and configuration….all doable online.

** I love face to face visits but I am not driving right now (voluntarily) based on some vision problems.

There really are no limitations now a days to getting online help or support!

In the near future, I will be launching some new webinars and will be able to handle multiple staff or clients / friends and demo new products and also new training on topics that are in demand.

Over the past month, I have been asked to train people on Search Engine Optimization, How to make $$$ on Twitter / Facebook, How to work Online and Make $300-$500 extra a month. Its really kind of cool and can be catered to specific training needs.

UPDATE: My new book I have been writing on Surviving A Stroke is still coming along, albeit slowly as I enter the editing phase and confirm dates and times from my Hospital notes. But I am making progress.

Before I go, I want to mention that the book “The Suitcase Entrepreneur” by Nancy Sisson that I bought 2 weeks ago is still at the top of my list of awesome books to read. I have given it great reviews and still open it up 3-4 times a week for cool ideas and notes. Check it out on Amazon Kindle or online as a printed book. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

SO…. off to work I go but check back for more updates, ideas and cool stuff!


ps. Ladies, if you are looking for cool books, ideas for home based business, watch for upcoming posts on how to run a business remotely from anywhere in the world! Details to come!


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