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Crazy heading? Yes, I know but I could come up with much more at the time. So that all said, I wanted to mention that over the past 6 months, I have been using a new Apple iPad and I am constantly amazed at how well it works, how long the battery lasts and how its changed how I work in my business. I could sum it all up and simply say…”I get as much done in 60-70% of the time it used to take me”.

Over the years I have never really had any issues working with Mac’s, PC’s or even Unix based computers. Many of my US clients used the Macs for design and we exchanged files with minimal problems.

So based on my positive experiences with the iPad, I wanted to come “out of the closet” and tell everyone that I will be using a MacBook Pro laptop in the very near future. Together with the iPad and likely a new iPhone, everything will integrate well.

In terms of the iPhone, I have owned about 13 different Adroid cell phones (the most recent, an HTC) and I have had problems with every phone I have owned. Ironically the problems start on the 13th month of ownership, 1 month past my warranty. If I send the phone out, I can expect 4-6 weeks BEFORE I get it back, and contrary to what I get told at certain cell phone stores, they DO NOT provide me with a loner. So I am going to move to an Apple. For all the anti Apple people, I don’t care if the company is greedy, Steve Jobs (R.I.P. ) was cocky, or if I can only buy stuff from the Apple store….I want a phone that will work for me. And its time to give Apple a chance.

So you might ask (going back to the iPad I love), “Gordo, whats so appealing about the iPad?” Well, here is what I have noticed so far:

– Its lightweight and very robust. The case I bought for it is an Otter case and it is tough!

– The battery seems to last for DAYS! Really, I can watch videos and do all sorts of stuff at once and it SLOWLY starts to deplete power. But getting 2-3 days out of it is easy!

– The Retina Display is….incredible. No other words to describe it.

– The iPad seems to synce much better with Amazon, Audible, Google, Evernote  and other tools I use everyday. It does stuff without me telling it to.

– Accessing new wireless connections is incredibly fast. And much more reliable.

– Moving around the interface is easy and much more intuitive.

– The volume of stuff online for things like magazine subscriptions etc is awesome. Sometimes I really have to dig to find stuff but I don’t seem to get lost.

– One of the biggest issues for me is that the iPad suites my lifestyle with reduced vision. Its contrast and quickly ability to resize is amazing. Its not like holding a brick. More like a pocket book. Now remember, I own an Android tablet and its okay, but its just a bigger version of my phone. And really doesn’t do a whole lot more. So I can honestly say I have used both.

Lastly, SOCIAL MEDIA apps and using the Mac version of the HootSuite app are very easy to use and again, very intuitive.

So yes, I have jumped to the dark side and will see how my world changes. The fact alone that I have increased business productivity using Apple products is encouraging.






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September 5th, 2013




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