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Over the past few weeks I have continued to write my book on How To Survive A Stroke. It’s amazing how quickly it is coming together. Soon, I hope to have it uploaded on Amazon Kindle Store. The big key right now is editing and also I want to add a number of Lessons and things I learned to help others beat the challenges the Stroke brought. And bounce back in no time. More to come soon!

Cool Books

Since about January of this year, I have been listening to audio books on topics ranging from History, Science, Books on self publishing, Online Business Marketing and a bunch of books on famous writers. The best so far has been Stephen King. I also started reading (once I was able to read again) a number of large print books on my iPad  (Kindle app) I use the iPad for this as I can adjust the font size and get so much more out of the experience.

I started adding up books and since January 1st, 2013, I have read or listened to 32 books! Now you might wonder where I found the time to do this ( hey, I even wondered). But it was really quite simple. I walk 30 mins in the morning to the coffee shop, followed by a 30 min walk around town and home. I then walk another 30 minutes at night before bed or on the treadmill. Thats 90 mins a day about 6 days a week.  (About 11 hrs)

The fun part of reading is that when I read or listen to audiobooks on Business or Marketing, I keep a small digital Sony recorder with me and when I come up with cool ideas, I dictate them and then can dump those ideas onto my computer at home or I will email the MP3 file to my Evernote.com account. Its like my MAJOR idea generator and has really helped me since I started using it. I plan to launch a separate article just on that incredible tool!

Part 3 – Ultimate Dream

In a couple of my past posts, I talked about being able to live and work ANYWHERE and run a business online. Called “Location Independence” or “Digital Nomads”, the technique is simple…learning how to live and work remotely and make an awesome living. There are hundreds of books on it and I will be posting a book review shortly. Suffice to say, I got alot of people emailing me and asking:

– How can I earn some extra money each month?

– How can I travel and live anywhere and make a living?

– What do I need for computers and software tools to live “the dream”?

So I started assembling content, posts and decided to approach things from two directions. Maybe three directions!

My plan is to post stuff on my Blog as well as links on Facebook. I will also publish links on my Twitter account (www.twitter.com/eldoren).

The second part of my plan was going to be much more comprehensive. I have gathered hundreds if not thousands of notes, case studies, marketing plans and more over the past few years that I want to share with people. I also have about 100 software programs that I use to manage and run my company and other companies for clients. The plan is to share this as well.

I am confident enough that I plan to look at offering a mini course / webinar / coaching course to show people how to:

A) Learn to leverage computers, iPads, Smartphones to deliver an extra $200 – $3000 a month in income.

B) Teach people how to publish information online and participate in the incredible online revolution going on with kindle publishing and e-book creation.

C) Review Case Studies and special marketing techniques that others have used successfully to revolutionize their business. You will get to see and read what worked!

D) Maximize the power ( and no bullsh*t techniques) of Search Engine Optimization for Websites, Facebook, Pinterst, Twitter, LinkedIn and more! In fact I will publish a bunch on my Blog to show you how seious I am!

E) Increase their Productivity by 100-300%. Now this is a special topic for me for a variety of reasons. When I had my stroke in December 2012, it sidelined me for about 6 months. But the amazing part is this…I am working about 1/2 to 2/3 time and still haven’t returned to my regular 12-14 hr days. But guess what… I don’t have to as I have found enough ways to diversify my income and get my productivity up to cover the extra time. My friends see me at the coffee shop for hours on end, but I am actually earning money and producing work!

So I suspect at this point many people are going to be skeptical. Why shouldn’t they be. So my plan is to assemble a few courses, drop the entry cost down to a low, low fee and then give the students (lets call them Students of Life) a pile of information in bite size chunks. I will also provide the first group with access to private newsletters with actual techniques I use, software I use and a whole bunch more.

The reality is that 8 months ago, I almost bought the farm as they say! So I look back at years of experience and advanced learning and think that it would be cool to mentor people and help others learn and experience the incredible opportunities out there…as I have. And my clients have.

So where to go from here? Well, I am finishing up my Stroke Book and that is a personal priority. But at the same time, I am assembling content and collecting names of people who might be interested in what I have to offer. I have collected literally THOUSANDS of links to cool stuff, written down examples of successes with various clients, written hundreds of press releases that got clients national attention and more. In fact my entire office is filled with this stuff. But I need to organize it and then launch my training programs and test them. Thats why I plan to severely reduce the cost. And I will not be signing up 100+ people. It’s simply too hard to manage. So I will limit the first Beta group to a smaller number to start. then based on the feedback, I will launch more classes. You might get to be in my initial class!

This weekend, I will post a list of what I plan to cover in my special training program and will provide a very comprehensive list of content to be covered and how I plan to teach it. Its going to be a blast and I am confident it will catch your eye.

So keep watching for more blog posts and information to come. I will be announcing details on my Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/gordon.currie) , my Twitter page (www.twitter.com/eldoren) and on my LinkedIn profile.

More to come soon!

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