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Part 2 – The Ultimate Dream for many

Part 2 – The Ultimate Dream for many…

Back on Aug 7th I posted a note about working from anywhere in the world and earning extra income or a fulltime salary. I received alot of emails asking me about this. So in a SHORTER (:+)) note, I wanted to add the following:

– I have collected hundreds of links, examples and case studies of people living the dream above
– I use about 20 different types of software (many are free) that allow you to achieve the success mentioned.

My plan is to start releasing tips on my Twitter account (https://twitter.com/eldoren) and post the links to my Facebook page and LinkedInn page.

Also in the works is a short couple of articles that I will publish (for free) on NEXT STEPS – How to take the leap!. It will include working examples and links. A large version with more information will be published on the Kindle Store and as an EBook (Price to be determined.) The whole idea is you get to read up on tips and techniques / software recommendations and more. If you like them, feel free to share with your Facebook friends. For everyone that purchases an full version Ebook, I will make a donation to a local charity.

So watch for some upcoming details!



ps. Check out Judy Kucharuk’s blog at http://managefootprint.blogspot.ca/ . She has some great info and is a big supporter and great friend of mine!

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August 19th, 2013




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