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Change your attitude…the World Has Not Ended!

Change your attitude…the World Has Not Ended!

In Dawson Creek and surrounding area, I read FB posts all the time and so many are negative or include swearing or posts that don’t make sense. Sites that are specifically negative about the community get lots of attention, but its negative. I have over 400 friends and some post very sad, negative posts.

We can control how we view life and how we react to life. Yes, DC has its challenges but so does every other community. The difference is in how people react. I like to post jokes, funny pictures but also post ideas and positive techniques that have helped me succeed and get ahead both as a human being and put some peso’s in my pocket.

Today its sunny and I feel good and saw my weight was down. Yea! The walking is working. I am back interacting with clients albeit on reduced hours. But I value my clients and many friends. I see opportunity around every corner. This past week I saw my Dad get remarried in his mid seventies. I got to visit with my kids, parents, brothers and sisters. I got to visit a good friend (JC) in Victoria and see lots of great times ahead.

I don’t waste time on the negative, it doesn’t serve any purpose. I could look back and say my memory sucked, I wasn’t making money like I used to, I couldn’t feel my feet most due to Diabeties or that I was slowly loosing my vision. But i don’t dwell on that when there has never been so much positive going on in my life. I can still learn, walk each day (when there was a chance I might not) and look through my good eye. I still smell flowers and find perfumes attractive! I still have great kids and an awesome wife. Its a full plate of good stuff.

So remember, we all have the opportunity to post great stuff and positive stuff. But if you truly value your friendships and family, publish a post that helps other people. Maybe they need help with a new career, a food prep tip or whatever. As long as it benefits others. You will find your life very fulfilling.

Lastly, this isn’t a ra ra sort of post. The point is simple….see the world / people around you with a bright light approach. No need to focus on the past, negative stuff. Don’t reread old chapters in your life, read news ones or change the book you are reading or writing.


Gordon Currie

ps. I will post some better examples of the opportunity around us in the next few days. Feedback is always good.

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August 19th, 2013




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