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101 Ways To Fasttrack Your Life and Business

101 Ways To Fasttrack Your Life and BusinessOver the past few years I have viewed hundreds of thousands of websites gathering free downloads, cool business ideas and sharing information with people I don’t know from around the globe. A some of these sites have made me or my clients alot of money or saved me alot of time (which equals money).

Seems a day doesn’t go by when I hear some say, “where in the hell did you find that?”. And so for fun, a few years ago I sent out an email to close friends and subcontractors called “Gordo’s Website of the Day”. If it was a really cool site that was in my top 10 sites, it was deemed Site of the Week Material.

So I went back and started looking at websites I had favorited, or copy to a toolbar or “liked” in Stumbleupon. And I started rating them and looking at how these sites might:

  • teach me how to make money ( legitimately)
  • help me teach others how to improve their financial situation
  • learn some cool new process for marketing products and services.
  • show me a new, undiscovered software program that could really help my business.
  • offer free tools and downloads like case studies that showed me how other companies where successful.
  • Show me ways to use my Mobile phone in unusual ways that help me.

So I have developed a list of over 4000 resources and sites that can help pretty much anybody.

My goal now is to create a mailing list and send out a email once or twice a week with a cool site and then my take on why its cool and how someone might use the info to learn something new or profit. With about 400 FB friends, loads of blog subscribers, I would be curious to see what sort of interest there is.

My offer to you: Does this sort of thing appeal? Would it work for you?



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September 7th, 2011



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