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Working at Eldoren: Let the adventure begin!

Working at EldorenAs I grow my company in the coming years, I want / need to expand and add staff to help me as my client base increases. The biggest challenge is the fact my computer work is so different from other businesses. Using technology, new software and working in new, innovative  environments allows me to break ground daily.
Most of the computer software is easily learned  and with the availability of video training, tutorials, downloadable resources, forums, Q and A documents, you can learn in 1/10th the time you would going to school. At your speed.

The old adage “hire for attitude, train for skill” is so true. You can’t build a great company without great people. The problem: How do you know the great people when you see them?

So for this reason, I want someone who;

  • Has a really positive attitude
  • Gets up in the morning and is EXCITED about going to work.
  • Doesn’t mind putting in extra hours to complete a project
  • Willing/Able to work alone or in a team. So, if motivating yourself to complete a project is a problem, see ya!
  • Can be really creative and isn’t afraid to develop and share ideas or be embarrassed.
  • Has an attitude that anything is really possible and doesn’t immediately assume that “it can’t be done”.
  • Is focused on customer service and then exceeding that.
  • Understands the concept of providing value and not creating products and marketing them for cheap.
  • Someone who values their time and see’s what they provide as above average and worth more than the standard fare.

At Eldoren, we communicate in unique ways. Consider the following:

  • We don’t call long distance anymore, we SKYPE clients and subcontractors. We can add in video and see the people we work with. At no cost. When working with staff, they can work remotely and don’t have to be in our office. Good for the environment and productivity.
  • Communication can range from a small 3G/4G Smartphone to an laptop or IPAD. As technology advances, we find we can run the business much more efficiently with lower costs. And that equals higher profits and ROI. We don’t require workers with desktops…they can work for us using laptops and IPADS with remote Bluetooth enabled keyboards.
  • No restrictions on where Eldoren staff or subcontractors work. We don’t work in formal offices/cubicles or boardrooms. We can hold meetings in coffee shops, on couches or dining room tables.
  • Rather than purchase software or licenses to software, we utilize two primary techniques:
  1. We use online software ( known as Software As A Service) and Application Service Providers ( ASP’s). Lower costs, instant updates and services.
  2. We utilize OPEN SOURCE software ( free) and this allows us to save thousands in costs.

What is Eldoren Design working on?

  • We are designing and developing new web and internet projects daily. Some vary from web site design to marketing services, graphic designs and creating new business online.
  • We manage and look after Social Media for many clients (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and many more.
  • We work with clients all over the Canada and the US. We visit with some but the majority we work with online using SKYPE, Conferencing software, email etc.
  • We do ALOT of brainstorming and creative work with clients. It really ranges from simple idea generation to completing business plans and launching businesses.
  • We are involved in affiliate marketing and help clients get setup.
  • We design cool images, trade show booths, flyers, videos, screencasts, podcasts.
  • Research, research! A lot of the work we do with assistants is have them find us stuff on the Internet. Are you a Google user? Can you find stuff or search Facebook / Twitter?

What can a person make at Eldoren?

  • A great deal of work is project work. We bid a fee on the overall project and then pay subcontractors.
  • It’s not minimum wage. If we bill out a project or an assistant at $45 hr, we start paying them around $15-$20 and then pay bonuses based on quality of work and most of all, meeting deadlines. We aren’t cheap. And if they work with us, LOTS of other cool things we can offer.

What kind of hours?

It really varies but based on projects. We usually start people around 20 hrs a week. And it’s not a 9 till 5…it might be a few hours a day or 11 hrs. It might include work and meetings over coffee. Or work after hours (ex; evenings, work can be completed at home). Have an appointment with your doctor? No problem. Need time off, that’s up to you. As long as work gets completed, that’s perfect. The quicker you work and maintain quality, the more you make.
Interested? Email me at gcurrie@eldoren.com

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August 27th, 2011



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