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FREE information = 0 Interest. Paid info = very busy. Lesson completed.

Over the last few years I have found that the old adage “you get what you paid for rings true”. Let me give you  a couple scenarios….

1) Years ago, our cat had kittens. We tried to give them away to a good home. NO ONE was interested. So at on the advice of a few people, we listed them for $10 each. They sold out immediately. Hmmmm…

2) About 2 years ago, my company offered micro-services at a small cost. Instead of paying me our billable rate of $75 hour, I offered to provide advice or small project work for $5, $10, $20. A small price to pay. No one was even remotely interested. So then I said, hey, buy me a book from Amazon and i will trade you for services. No one interested.

3) A couple days ago, I post to about 400 Facebook fans, that I would provide for the next few days some free advice or answers to their questions about small business, marketing etc. One response from a friend who knows me well. But of the 400+ people on facebook….no takers.

So I then analyzed the situation – how many where in a small business? about half. How many had expressed interest in home based business or getting a parttime business? About 280.

So I know I am doing something wrong here. I need tor revisit and reread my books on marketing.

I know that if Mark Z from Facebook offered to give me advice on Social Networking… I might take him up. Bill gates offers to teach me networking….I might say yes. Or maybe Michael Dell. Now please understand, I don’t come close to their stature. But i have worked with some pretty good size companies in the past (Mattel, Pacific Bell, Virgin Records, The folks at the Loympic Committee. But hey…maybe I need to chill. Today I learned a valuable lesson. :+))

 A Sarcastic Web Developer / Marketer….

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July 28th, 2011



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