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Welcome to my blog! Over the next few days ( okay maybe a week) I will be posting some cool marketing updates and adding information. The purpose of this blog – to share tips and techniques that I have learned about marketing over the last 25 years. Specifically I want to share with you all ideas around marketing your small to medium size business, sharing links to sites I have visited over the years that REALLy helped me grow my business. I also want to share fresh ideas on how to maximize your home based business (I have run mine since the mid eighties) as well making extra income online ( and its not BS, I can show you examples from my own experience and clients.

I also will delve a bit into the new concept surfacing around the globe and thats Location Independent Business. Quite simply, its about creating and running a business from anywhere in the world. Its something I have always enjoyed ( and worked towards).

Lastly, I also will provide some motivational stuff, some of my favorite blogs ( again that have helped me grow), some cool photography hints, and my personal views on getting ahead in life. What you will not see (hopefully) is me promoting my business. This blog is more about giving back and sharing in an open and honest way how certain things have helped me grow. I am not going to hold back either…I have screwed up and learned a great deal. So the “trip” should be interesting.

Should you be more curious about my background, you can visit my about us page for details.

Thanks and time to move ahead!

Gordon Currie

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May 12th, 2010


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